Seeing the Big Picture

There are no shortcuts when it comes to worker compliance. Because you can see the big picture, you must provide workers with FR garments that make them less likely to cheat. With GlenGuard, you can promise your workers lighter, more comfortable work wear. That’s because we are dedicated to making the lightest FR fabrics in the world.

GlenGuard FR

  • Has superior breathability
  • Reduces the risk of heat stress
  • Are the most comfortable in the industry
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Comes in 3 weights: 4.5 oz., 5.3 oz., and 6.4 oz.
  • Offers both CAT 1 (4.5 oz.) and CAT 2 (5.3 oz. and 6.4 oz.) protection
  • Inherently flame resistant
  • Solution dyed
  • Wickzz™ proprietary finish to eliminate moisture in garment
  • Protects against flash fire and arc flash hazards

FR Protection That Workers Will Want to Wear - Compliantly.

Let’s be frank. If workers believe their fabrics are too hot, they won’t wear it. Reducing the risk of heat stress, therefore, becomes not just a matter of safety, but also of worker compliance. Because when the risk of heat stress is too high, workers will cheat. They will wear the garment non-compliantly and may not wear it at all.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure they don’t suffer heat stress through any means possible. Our fabrics come in several weights so they are light while still providing protection.

Eliminating The Small Problems

Few work harder than your workers, which means it is up to you to make sure they wear their garments in a compliant manner. Because they work so hard, they sweat. And when they sweat, most fabrics are not breathable enough to ensure worker compliance.

Wickzz technology allows moisture to quickly disperse across GlenGuard FR, which speeds up the evaporation process. The Wickzz proprietary finish on our fabrics is designed to wick moisture away from your skin; keeping you cooler, drier, and more comfortable while you work.

Wickzz - flame resistant fabric

Because we’re so confident in GlenGuard’s comfort, we decided to take it a step further by employing a test developed by North Carolina State University, AATCC 195-2102, that measures moisture management in high performance athletic gear. Despite the fact that this test was originally designed for athletic markets, GlenGuard has proven to perform with excellence, especially when compared to FR competitors. Some of the moisture management characteristics evaluated include: water resistance, water repellency and water absorption rate based on the fabric structure.

Meets or Exceeds Government and industry safety standards

GlenGuard FR protects against arc flash and flash fire hazards, a commonality within the electrical, oil and gas, chemical and industrial markets. Arc flash occurs when an electric current passes through the air between ungrounded and grounded conductors, creating the possibility of reaching up to 35,000°F. Subsequently, an ignition of clothing can occur, as well as burns directly to the skin. A flash fire is common in environments where flammable solids, liquids and their vapors, gases or dust are prevalent. When a flash fire ignites, there are considerable shock waves along with a rapidly moving flame front at a high temperature that can last for a short duration.

Our fabrics are inherently flame resistant, embedded with Kermel SofShield fibers, guaranteeing they will never lose their FR properties, even after repeated washing and wear.


The Standard set by the National Fire Protection Association for electrical safety in the workplace, which includes safety related work practices, training requirements and detailed guidelines that many electricians adhere to as their safety standards.

NFPA 2112

The Standard set by NFPA on flame resistant garments for protection of industrial personnel against flash fire.

ASTM 1506

American Society for Testing Materials is a highly acclaimed standards development organization. Their test standard ASTM F 1506 is particularly geared towards those in the electrical industry whose clothing is exposed to momentary arc and related thermal hazards.

Canadian Standard CGSB 155.20

A test used to determine the FR protection of garments including fire resistance, thermal protective performance, heat resistance, and thermal shrinkage resistance for those working where fire hazards are common.

UL Compliant

Complaint with guidelines set in place by the Underwriters Laboratories, which was established in 1894 and has participated in safety analysis ever since.

Colorfast protection to the core

If you own the garment, you want to keep it as long as you can. Unlike cotton fabrics, ours weave the protection and color into the fabric when the actual fiber is being made. That means the fabric will last longer and the color will stay intact.

Our fabrics maintain their color even after three months of continuous sunlight exposure. They also keep their color long after 160 washings, an unheard of number in the industry.

Because our colors are made with solution-dyed fibers—meaning that the color is introduced when the fiber is produced, rather than dying the fabric after it’s woven—they will maintain their vibrancy throughout the lifetime of the garment. Ultimately, GlenGuard’s colorfastness outlasts competition, ensuring that you are getting the most value out of every wear.

  • GlenGuard lasts over 160 launderings
  • 88-12 products last around 50 launderings
  • GlenGuard also lasts 200,000 cycles in fabric abrasion tests
Tan colored fabric


Available in
4.5oz., 5.3 oz., 6.4 oz.

Navy colored fabric


Available in
4.5oz., 5.3 oz., 6.4 oz.

Gray colored fabric


Available in
4.5oz., 5.3 oz., 6.4 oz.

Orange colored fabric


Available in
4.5oz., 5.3 oz., 6.4 oz.

Red colored fabric


Available in
4.5oz., 5.3 oz., 6.4 oz.

Cool Blue colored fabric

Cool Blue

Available in
4.5oz., 5.3 oz., 6.4 oz.

Black colored fabric


Available in
6.4 oz.

Custom colors available upon request.

Product testing

We view industry standards as a minimum requirement, and strive to exceed them in rigorous testing that distinguishes GlenGuard FR as a mark above the rest.

Industrial laundry testing

Even after being exposed to 170+ launderings, see why GlenGuard FR outlasts the competition.

Pyroman & arc flash testing

Researchers at North Carolina State University and University of Alberta, Canada have extensively tested GlenGuard through simulated arc flash and flash fire testing. Researchers employ software which allows them to measure the extent of second and third degree burns as a result of the simulated arc and flash fires; they can then determine a fabric’s protection ability. Results from these tests have established GlenGuard as the superior flame resistant fabric in the industry per ounce of fabric.

GlenGuard chemical/acid resistance test results

Chemical/Acid Resistance Testing

In a three week trial by a Certified Training Safety and Environmental Specialist, a GlenGuard garment was placed in a 50% sulphuric and spent acid bath. The garment was laundered and showed no signs of wear and tear. Thus, GlenGuard does not only provide excellent safety amongst extreme heat and fire, but it has also proven to be resistant against chemicals.

GlenGuard UV fade resistance test results

UV Fade Resistance

Exposing our fabrics in the sun for 90 days proved that GlenGuard can withstand the powerful affects of UV degradation versus a competitor's product.

Cleaning Instructions

Wash this garment separately. Use warm water (140°F) and mild detergent. Do not use detergents or additives containing (or creating) chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach (example: Hydrogen Peroxide) or enzymes. Do not use fabric softeners. Tumble dry but do not over dry. Garment can be dry-cleaned. Do not use disinfectants.