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GlenGuard AR/FR
Arc-Rated Flame-Resistant
GlenGuard FR Hi-Vis
Flame-Resistant High-Visibility
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GlenGuard AR/FR

Seeing the big picture.
There are no shortcuts when it comes to worker compliance. Because you can see the big picture, you must provide workers with FR garments that make them less likely to cheat. With GlenGuard, you can promise your workers lighter, more comfortable work wear. That’s because we are dedicated to making the lightest FR fabrics in the world.
Quick Facts
GlenGuard AR/FR
Inherently flame-resistant
Superior comfort
Unmatched color durability
Reduces risk of heat stress
Wickzz™ proprietary finish to wick away moisture
Protects against flash fire and arc flash hazards
Protection that workers will love to wear.
Let’s be frank. Reducing the risk of heat stress, is not just a matter of safety, but also of worker compliance. When the risk of heat stress is too high, workers will cheat and wear garments non-compliantly or may not wear them at all.
When it comes to the battle against heat stress and AR/FR PPE, there are four main pillars to remember – lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking, and minimal dry time. At GlenGuard, we look at how these elements work together to form a performance fabric for the battle against heat stress.
Wickzz™ Technology
Eliminating the small problems.
Sweat happens. And when it does, GlenGuard Wickzz Moisture Management System™ is ready. Our technology wicks moisture away from the skin and then disperses the moisture across the fabric, allowing the moisture to quickly evaporate and dry.
Surpassing Standards
Meets or exceeds government or industry safety standards.
Explore the variety of standards and test methods our products meet below.
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Make It Yours.
Colorfast protection to the core.
Maximize the value of every garment you specify with GlenGuard AR/FR fabrics for workwear. Precision engineered using inherent, solution-dyed fibers – GlenGuard is built to protect against harsh workplace conditions and withstand the rigors of repeated industrial laundering. Before GlenGuard is even formed, the actual color and protection are added to the polymer before the fiber is extruded and then woven into fabric.
Additionally, because our products are not piece-dyed, we save an average of 10 gallons of water for every garment produced.
For protection and performance that lasts, go with GlenGuard.
Custom colors available upon request.
Custom colors available upon request.
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Specs by weight
4.5 oz
5.3 oz
6.1 oz Rip Stop
6.4 oz
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