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GlenGuard AR/FR
Arc-Rated Flame-Resistant
GlenGuard FR Hi-Vis
Flame-Resistant High-Visibility
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About Us
What’s your AR/FR made of?
Compliance starts at the core of every arc-rated and flame-resistant (AR/FR) garment. GlenGuard is engineered using the highest quality advanced materials, expertly designed for a dynamic modern workforce, and assembled using advanced manufacturing technologies to deliver the world’s most innovative AR/FR fabric.
GlenGuard is the AR/FR fabric of choice in a wide range of industrial applications.
Utilities / 70-E
Oil & Gas
Food Processing
Wind Energy
Workers love GlenGuard because it gives them comfort they can count on.
There are many variables that you can’t control in the field, but you can control compliance. Because it’s not what your workers wear, it’s how they wear it. Supervisors know that when their workers are comfortable, they’ll be less likely to cheat compliance. GlenGuard gives everyone confidence in their workwear.
There’s a job to be done, and GlenGuard lets you go get it, by providing unrivaled benefits.
GlenGuard's proprietary Wickzz moisture management system wicks away perspiration and disperses moisture quickly across the fabric to keep workers cool and dry.
The only inherent solution-dyed AR/FR fabric on the market, GlenGuard retains its color and FR properties wash after wash, year after year.
Whether it’s used to make a shirt, pant, vest or coverall – workers know that GlenGuard provides maximum comfort, performance, and protection no matter what the job entails.