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GlenGuard AR/FR
Arc-Rated Flame-Resistant
GlenGuard FR Hi-Vis
Flame-Resistant High-Visibility
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GlenGuard FR Hi-Vis

Leave nothing to chance.
The first layer of defense is your vest. When it comes to protection, you need more than just hi-vis. Shouldn’t it meet the highest levels of protection? Safety vests produced using GlenGuard Hi-Vis offer “No Melt, No Drip” technology, and as part of our family of FR protective fabrics, GlenGuard Hi-Vis vests offer unrivaled arc flash and flash fire protection.
Quick Facts
GlenGuard FR Hi-Vis
Protects against flash fire and arc flash hazards
“No Melt, No Drip” technology
ANSI compliant
Inherently flame-resistant
Reduces risk of heat stress
FR + High Visibility.
GlenGuard Hi-Vis, an inherently flame resistant fabric, is designed to make safety vests cooler and more comfortable without sacrificing protection. We offer fabric in both woven and mesh constructions to appeal to personal preference. GlenGuard Hi-Vis is ANSI compliant while surpassing FR government safety standards, guaranteeing the ultimate defense against workplace hazards.
As a part of our GlenGuard family, GlenGuard Hi-Vis embodies all of the superior protective qualities offered in GlenGuard FR.
Surpassing Standards
Meets or exceeds government or industry safety standards.
Explore the variety of standards and test methods our products meet below.
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Extra Protection
GlenGuard FR Hi-Vis
First and only product of its kind
Passed the Shirley Gas Probe Test
Woven passes using Hydrogen Gas
Mesh passes using Methane Gas
Intended for use in environments where gas is prevalent and sparks could be hazardous
EN1149-3 & 5 (Safety Standard), Federal test method Standard 191A
GlenGuard Hi-Vis Anti-Stat combines the technology in our Hi-Vis product with enhanced protection against static build up—which can be extremely dangerous for those working in gas-rich environments. GlenGuard developed a fabric to eliminate this threat.
Leading the industry in this area, GlenGuard Hi-Vis Anti-Stat incorporates FR defense, high visibility properties, while working to control and dissipate static.
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Specs by weight
825 - Woven
1400 - Mesh
1500 - Anti-Stat Mesh
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