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AR/FR Fabrics for Workwear

GlenGuard is the most comfortable, durable and versatile fabric used to make arc-resistant and flame-resistant (AR/FR) protective apparel. GlenGuard is the AR/FR fabric of choice in a wide range of industrial applications because it keeps workers comfortable no matter what the job entails. When workers are comfortable, they are less likely to cheat compliance.

Ghost mannequin model of a GlenGuard flame resistant shirt.


GlenGuard’s inherently flame-resistant fabrics are available in three unique weights – 4.5 oz., 5.3 oz., and 6.4 oz. – and an array of vibrant colors. Made using solution-dyed fibers that increase color retention, GlenGuard’s proprietary Wickzz Moisture Management System provides advanced wicking capabilities to keep wearers cool and dry. Feel the comfort of compliance with GlenGuard.

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Ghost mannequin model of a GlenGuard high visibility vest.


GlenGuard Hi-Vis protective vests mesh perfectly with any FR shirt, making it the most versatile option for high-visibility safety apparel (HVSA). GlenGuard offers the only OSHA-compliant Hi-Vis mesh vest available on the market for increased breathability in the fight against heat stress. Unlike polyester vests, GlenGuard’s patented No Melt, No Drip technology is integrated into every fiber so that wearers have the ultimate protection when they need it most. When it comes to HVSA, invest it the best – GlenGuard.

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